Youtube Screenshot

How to take screenshot from a YouTube video ?

Whenever you are watching a YouTube video, you may want to take a screenshot at some point for different reasons. It could be educational videos or any video for the purpose of articles/thumbnails. It may seen difficult to take a screenshot and if you search online you will be redirected to different third party apps for this work.

I will show you the easiest, official and within YouTube way of taking a screenshot from a video at any point in the timeline.

Steps to take screenshot from YouTube Video :

  1. Visit the Youtube video you want to take a screenshot from.
  2. Move the timestamp on video to desired position and adjust the quality of video.
  3. Double right click on the video to toggle the Youtube options.
  4. Select the option “Take Snapshot”
  5. Select the location on prompt to save the image.

You are done. You can follow the same steps for any YouTube video.