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Reignite win the ALGS Split 2 LAN playoffs

Australian team Reignite won the Apex Legends – ALGS Split 2 playoffs championship on Sunday after seven games to secure the first Apex Legends LAN trophy in over two years. This win is not normal because Reignite were forced to play with a substitute for Genburten, who tested positive for COVID-19 before the start of the tournament and was thus not allowed to participate in LAN event. Former Kungarna player “Jmw” was called in as a substitute for Genburten and helped the team become the number 1 in Apex Legends.

“It feels like we’re naturally just playing together,” said Jmw in the post-match interview with Evan “Raynday” Byron Rayn. “It feels fantastic. Zer0 here is IGLing us and me and Sharky are just listening to him and we’re literally just playing a comp and step by step we’re just closing out games.”Reignite win the ALGS Split 2 playoffs

Reignite win the ALGS Split 2 playoffs

Reignite came into the final game with 56 points, putting them well within striking distance of closing things out thanks to the ALGS Split 2 playoffs grand finals match point format. All they had to do was get this final win. It all came down to a final circle between Reignite and two North American squads, OpTic Gaming and Luminosity Gaming. Neither of the NA teams had reached match point yet, so they needed to put Reignite down if they wanted another chance at taking the playoffs championship for themselves.

Luminosity had the high ground and were using that to keep their competitors at bay. Luis Enrique “Neazul” Ramos Suarez threw his Caustic ultimate down onto Reignite, damaging them with gas before laying into them with bullets alongside his teammates. Things looked grim for Reignite as the circle started to close around them.

Rick “Sharky” Wirth went down, but his teammates were able to use a rock and a Respawn Beacon as cover and pulled off the revive to keep him in the game. In-game leader Rhys “Zer0” Perry used his Valkyrie’s tactical to cover his teammates and deal some damage to LG from below, which gave Reignite just enough room to stay in the game.

LG dropped a Gibraltar ultimate then followed it to push the teams beneath them. OpTic engaged them, giving Reignite another sliver of breathing room. The APAC squad took this opportunity to third party the NA teams, first dropping LG, then OpTic to claim the title of ALGS Split 2 playoffs champions. On top of all this, Reignite was using a devotion with turbocharger so you know what happened next.

Reignite will take home the ALGS Split 2 playoffs trophy, $250,000 in prize money and 50 playoff points towards qualifications for this year’s ALGS Champions.

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