EA to Host Apex Legends™ Global Series Year 2 Championship on July 7-10 – ALGS

Electronic Arts revealed details for the Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championship (ALGS) as we now know where it will be held. Organizers will be holding the event at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, running from July 7th-10th. The event will see 40 of the best teams vying for a shot at the championship and a chunk of the $2m prize pool. The arena was chosen to help accommodate thousands of fans and spectators to check out the competition as we’ll see teams from across the globe pop in to prove their worth. No word was given as to what kind of health protocols would be observed during the event, but we’re guessing they will follow what most conventions have been doing lately in requiring proof of vaccination and masking indoors. Those looking to attend can purchase tickets here, as we have more info and a couple of quotes from organizers below.

ALGS Year 1 Recap

Last year, the first Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Championship was a huge success as confirmed from different metrics share by official sources. The ALGS Championship generated an average minute audience (AMA) of over 180K during the North America Finals across player streams, watch parties and our official broadcast, establishing a new ALGS viewership record.

ALGS fans watched more than 3.5 million hours across the North America and Europe, Middle East & Africa Championship Group Stages and Finals, which resulted in more than 90K AMA for those competitions. Apex Legends competitive gaming continued to be one of many momentum drivers for EA & Respawn as the franchise continues to reach new audiences. Earlier this year, Apex Legends surpassed 100 million total players and throughout the first half of 2021, was the second most tweeted about video game in the world

As for the winners, these teams from 5 regions were crowned as ALGS Champions – Bottom 20 (Kungarna NA) (North America), SCARZ Europe (EMEA), WOLFPACK ARCTIC (APAC South), FENNEL Korea (APAC North), and Paradox Esports (South America). 

ALGS Year 2

Year 2 of ALGS was announced and kicked off last year with Split 1 matches. Year 2 of the ALGS will award a $5,000,000 USD total prize pool.

Read on below for more competition details.

ALGS Year 2 – Format and Schedule

Year 2 ALGS Format


  • Preseason Qualifiers: September – October, 2021
  • Pro League Regular Season – Split 1: October – December, 2021
  • Challenger Circuit – Split 1: October – December, 2021
  • Split 2 Pro League Qualifiers: January 2022
  • Split 1 Playoffs: January 2022
  • Pro League Regular Season – Split 2: February – March, 2022
  • Challenger Circuit – Split 2: February – March, 2022
  • Split 2 Playoffs: May 2022
  • Championship Last Chance Qualifiers: May 2022
  • Year 2 – ALGS Championship: July 2022
Year 2 ALGS Schedule

ALGS Year 2 Split Playoff Winners

Split 1 :

  • NA – TSM
  • SA – Team Singularity
  • EMEA – NEW
  • APAC North – Riddle Order
  • APAC South – DreamFire

Split 2:

Reignite – RlG_Zer0, Sharky3415, KNG_Jmw

Split 2 Playoffs

ALGS Year 2 Championship

The ALGS Championship will take place in July 2022 and, should conditions allow, feature the 40 best Apex Legends teams in the world, competing in-person for $2,000,000 USD and the title of Year 2 – ALGS Champions.

The ALGS Championship arrives as Apex Legends continues to gain momentum and reach more fans than ever. Earlier this month, the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm, Sweden, broke all-time viewership records across all previous EA Esports events. The ALGS Split 2 Playoffs Final on May 1 saw an average minute audience (AMA) of over 539,000 across watch parties and official ALGS broadcast channels. Viewers consumed more than 10.3 million hours of live content during the three-day tournament. The Apex Legends brand also recently celebrated major milestones, including the highly anticipated launch of Apex Legends Mobile and release of Saviors Season 13 on console and PC.

“Bringing ALGS to the PNC Arena is a major milestone for the Apex brand and indicative of the title’s continued growth in the competitive scene,” said John Nelson, Sr. Director and Commissioner, Apex Legends Esports at EA. “The ALGS Championship is a true celebration of fandom, and we’re looking forward to delivering the first-ever live ALGS Championship experience for our community of players and the residents of Raleigh.”

PNC Arena will host 40 of the world’s top Apex Legends squads across five regions as they compete for their share of the USD $2 million prize pool and the coveted ALGS Championship title. For the first time, the ALGS community will be able to come together to cheer on their favorite teams live at the PNC Arena, in Raleigh, NC. The 700,000-square-foot space will accommodate thousands of fans from around the world for the largest ALGS competition to-date.