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Apex Legends Tap Strafing: How To Tap Strafe

Apex Legends tap strafing is a special type of movement tech that exists in Apex Legends. Success in Apex Legends is all about movement, and tap strafing may be the most powerful movement mechanic in the game. This guide will explain Apex Legends tap strafing in its entirety including how to do it, when to use it, and the controversy behind this powerful movement technique.

What Is Tap Strafing?

Tap strafing is an advanced movement technique possible in Apex Legends which allows you to make a 180-degree turn on a dime and completely change direction mid-air. This is a product of the Source Engine, meaning this movement mechanic works in games that use the same engine — like Titanfall.

Tap strafing is exclusive to mouse and keyboard. This unique movement tech cannot be executed on a controller.

How To Tap Strafe

To begin tap strafing, first, you must change your move forward keybind to your scroll wheel.

From there, you’ll need to perform the following actions:

  1. Run in a direction and slide jump while holding down either A or D, depending on the direction you want to tap-strafe.
  2. At the peak of your jump, flick the scroll wheel while still holding A or D. Make sure you let go of the W key while in the air.
  3. Move the mouse in the intended direction while continuing to scroll the mouse wheel. This will allow you to rotate up to 180–degrees in an instant.

Apex Legends tap strafing is easier than it sounds. Mastering this technique simply comes down to timing and knowing what situations it is best used in. Try practicing tap strafing in the Firing Range until you get the hang of it. Then test it out in some live matches! The Gravity Cannons on Apex Legends Storm Point are a great place to practice tap strafing as well.

When To Tap Strafe

First of all, Apex Legends Octane and Horizon are the two legends that can best take advantage of tap strafing. Octane’s Launch Pad offers a perfect opportunity to tap strafe thanks to the aerial boost and great forward momentum it provides. Horizon is the best tap strafe legend due to her passive, Spacewalk, which gives her more control in mid-air.

Tap strafing can be used in a variety of situations – as a way to dodge and throw off enemies shooting at you, as a way to quickly cut off enemy lines of sight, and simply to get around corners and get behind cover faster than you’d be able to otherwise.

Tap strafing allows the user to completely alter their aerial momentum in an instant. This is a problem because it makes player movement impossible to predict. For balance purposes, the Apex Legends developers have decided that the game would be better off without tap strafing.

However, there is no set date for when tap strafing will cease to exist. Respawn claims that “the Apex Legends team has recently discovered some unexpected side effects of our planned changes to tap strafing.” Because of this, their plans to remove tap strafing from the game have been delayed.