How To Share A Discord Profile Link 

While some social media platforms make this easy, sharing a Discord profile link is a bit more complicated. There is no simple click of a button to generate a link. Instead, you have to do things manually.

If the thought of doing it for yourself makes you break into a cold sweat, or sigh wearily at the thought of actually having to put in some effort, relax. We’re about to make it as easy for you as possible.

How To Share A Discord Profile Link

If you want to share a Discord profile link, then we highly recommend that you follow this process using the Discord desktop app. While you can start the process on the mobile app, you’ll eventually need to access the desktop version. So why not save time?

You may need to enable Developer Mode. To do this, go to User Settings > Advanced > Developer Mode > Enable.

Now that you’re ready, here’s what to do:

Copy Your Discord ID

  • Start by logging into your Discord account.
  • Select your profile picture to open your Discord profile. Tap on the three dots.
  • Now, right-click on your profile on the right sidebar, and select Copy ID.

Copying your Discord ID is the first step on the journey. Now that you have copied this, you are ready to move on.

Modify The Discord Link

  • Once you’ve copied your Discord ID, open a browser window.
  • Paste the following link into the URL bar: discordapp.com/users/yourID
  • Next, replace the last part of the link labelled yourID with your actual Discord ID number.

This will create a link that will direct someone to your individual profile.

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Share The Link

Now that you have a working link, you can send this to whoever you wish, and they can then find you on Discord.

In order to do this, they need to use the browser version of Discord, rather than the app. To do this, they need to visit the Discord website and click on Open Discord in your browser.

They can search using your Discord profile link. Paste this into the URL field, and it will direct them straight to you.

Hopefully, by following these steps, you’ll get yourself a Discord profile link which you can then share with whomever you wish. As we said at the beginning, it’s not as easy as many other social media sites. In fact, it’s slightly bizarre that they haven’t made this easier.