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DarkZero Wins ALGS Championship Back-to-Back : Apex Legends

The 2022 ALGS Championship has come to a close. DarkZero (formerly Reignite) came into the tournament boosted by the return of Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose. After a long nine game Grand Finals, DarkZero Esports won the ALGS Championship trophy and the $500,000 grand prize. The Australian squad, formerly under Reignite, have now won two Apex Legends Major LAN events in a row after taking the Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm about two months ago.

The event started off terribly with just 1 point in the first two matches, the eventual champions bounced back. After consistent gameplay, DarkZero had a chance to go to match point in game 7. However, 100 Thieves defeated them in the final fight leaving Genburten’s team at 49 points, one away from match point. In the eighth game, everyone on match point was eliminated early and a slew of other teams performed well. So heading into the ninth game, 9 different teams had reached the match point threshold including DarkZero.

In the pivotal game, a Valkyrie ultimate from in-game leader Rhys “Zer0” Perry put them in a great position. On the slow side of the zone, the deadly circle continued to pull kindly for DarkZero. Securing the victory proved to be simple. Quietly holding their spot and pushing teams away for most of the game, the Australians just had to swoop in and clean up a fight between TSM and fellow match point squad SSG.

After two major titles in two months, the Aussies are expected to make the move to North America. The long-rumored change places them in the same region as the DarkZero organization and they are ready for tougher competition. “Now it’s time to farm NA,” Zer0 said in his post-game interview. Among those North American teams will be Championship runner-ups Furia.

Led by the #1 Apex Predator Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin, Furia brought a fresh approach to the LAN. Running an untraditional composition of Valkyrie, Fuse, and Horizon, the trio racked up an impressive amount of kills. HisWattson even earned the honor of the ALGS Monster Energy MVP. Clearly the best team in the finals, Furia was unable to close out a win. Second place is still more than enough to quell their doubters and poise themselves for a deep run in North America when ALGS returns.

ALGS Full Results

  1. DarkZero Esports
  2. FURIA Esports
  3. 100 Thieves
  4. Fnatic
  5. GMT Esports
  6. Spacestation Gaming
  7. TSM
  8. Alliance
  9. NRG
  10. team αD
  11. SCARZ
  12. Team Liquid
  13. EXO Clan
  14. AYM Esports
  15. Cloud9
  16. OpTic Gaming
  17. Team Burger
  19. Invictus Gaming International
  20. Acend