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How To Eject Water From iPhone

Have you ever accidentally dropped your iPhone in water and wondered how to get rid of the water from inside the speaker?

Even if your iPhone comes with an IP rating, it doesn’t mean water can’t get stuck in places. When water enters through the speaker grills on an iPhone, it’ll cause the audio to muffle. This is obviously not something you want.

As it turns out, there are simple ways to eject water from the iPhone speakers. You can either use a Siri Shortcut, or try out an app or a website to push out the liquid.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get the water out of your iPhone speakers.

How to eject water from iPhone speaker

First, let us briefly explain how this works.

Basically, a sound of a certain frequency is played through the iPhone speaker, which pushes the water out. The vibrations from the sound eject the liquid. Overall, this process is similar to Apple’s Water Eject feature found on newer Apple Watches.

With the basics covered, here are a couple of ways to get the water out from the iPhone.

Use the Water Eject Shortcut

This method involves using a Siri Shortcut to play the sound through your iPhone speakers.

Here’s how to use the Water Eject shortcut to get water out of your iPhone:

  1. Tap this iCloud link on your iPhone to download the Water Eject shortcut.
  2. On iOS 15 and later, tap Add Shortcut. If you’re on iOS 14 or earlier, make sure you allow untrusted shortcuts before tapping the iCloud link.
  3.  Inside the My Shortcuts tab of the Shortcuts app, tap Water Eject.
  4.  A notification should appear. Tap Begin Water Ejection to start the process.

Use a third-party app or website

If you don’t want to install an untrusted shortcut on your iPhone, then there are other ways to get rid of the water. You can use free third-party apps, or you can head over to a website that simply plays the sound to eject the water.

There are plenty of apps that can do this, but we’d recommend Sonic, as it’s available for free from the App Store and does the job very well. After installing the app, you can adjust the frequency of the sound and see which works best. Tap the Play button to start removing the water from your iPhone speaker.

You could also try out a website called Online Tone Generator to get rid of any water from the speakers. Open the website on your iPhone, select a frequency, and hit the play button.

Water ejected from iPhone speakers!

If you ever drop your iPhone in the water and are trying to remove it from the speaker grill, you should try the above methods. Do not try to insert things into the speaker grill to get the water out. The above methods work well, so we’d recommend using them. Also, dry the iPhone immediately, keep it switched off for a while, and don’t open the SIM tray.

Even if your iPhone has a waterproof rating, water will still enter the speakers, earpiece, and charging port. Apple has added an IP rating on all iPhones, starting from the iPhone 7. But, if you drop your iPhone in water, it’s important that you dry it out as much as possible and not plug it into a charger.

We’d also recommend not to deliberately drop your iPhone in water as though newer models are waterproof, you can’t claim warranty if something happens to it due to liquid leaking inside the device!

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